Church History

coffee-fellowship During the month of April 1981, a divine plan was given to the late Rev. George E. Mahin who spent hours in his office one Saturday morning outlining the beginnings of the church that would soon be called, “New Horizon Baptist Church.”  After much prayer and review circulars were distributed by Rev. Mahin in partnership with the Rev. C.B. Lucas of Emmanuel Baptist Church and Rev. W.F. Fisher of the Elm Street Baptist Church throughout the city.

Public worship began on Mother’s Day, May 10th 1981 at the Doerhoefer-Hampton House located at 2422 West Chestnut Street.  A series of public worship services and organizational meetings continued at the Doerhoeffer-Hampton House and on Thursday, September 24, 1981the church was officially organized in the assembly room of the west end Lions Club with the official papers signed by six of the organizing members.

And I say unto thee, thou art Peter, and upon this rock, I will build my church. ~ Matthew 16:18

With this statement, Jesus began the church as we know it.  Jesus knew that building His church would require strength, determination and courage.

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